Our hope is to provide your a blank canvas to create your unique event on our farm. Blackwood is 23 acres including gardens, the main house, the gathering hall, a commercial kitchen and various farming facilities. Depending on your event, the whole property is yours for the day.

Baleyfield House

Baleyfield House

75 people or 140 people

Built in 1990, the Baleyfield House is a straw bale construction and one of the first of its kind in Central Texas. The walls are two feet thick, full of straw, and painted with a clay exterior. The house needs one fourth less energy to power the central heat and air conditioning because of its efficiency. The ceiling insulation is made of shredded newspaper soaked in chrysanthemum flowers to act as a fire retardant insulation.

Throughout the year, primary and secondary schools bring their students for week long farm experiences to expose their students to above out of the ordinary life lessons including operating as family units participating in cooking, while incorporating academic school lessons, farming and land best practices.

The Baleyfield House overlooks the original Kitchen garden. The food grown here is at least 40% higher nutritional value than conventional food bought at a grocery store and its because of our nurtured soil. This is the cure for the uncommon host who takes pride in a life honoring best practices and reverence for the land.

Chef’s Kitchen

Chef’s Kitchen

The Chef's kitchen is far more than just a commerical kitchen. It's also a teaching kitchen. Half of the walls are made of windows overlooking the gardens literally a stone's throw away. In jest, our chef calls his experience "window shopping" as he is able to observe the gardens from anywhere in the kitchen to craft his next dish.

Our kitchen is less about what's in it and more about what you can taste, smell, hear and feel here. It's the sweet and smelly tastes of blue cheese ice cream and the whirling hurricane inside a mixing cuisinart. Turn on a water spout and know that it was collected from rainwater on the kitchen's roof devoid of chemicals and cleaned ultravioletly. Open a drawer and expect to find at least 6 of everything for cooking classes. Walk out the back door and weave through the hidden chef's path to the kitchen garden and fruit orchard.

Gathering Hall

Gathering Hall

Finished in 2013, the Gathering Hall is multidimensional rustic event space including a large 60 x 30 foot room, commercial teaching kitchen, bath house and more. It is the latest addition to the Blackwood Living Farm. The building’s rainwater harvesting system supplies all of its water needs using well water only as back up during drought. The Gathering Hall overlooks the pomegranate orchard, experimental high tunnels and Hopscotch Garden. Equipped with central heat and air conditioning as well as all audio and visual capability, this facility can comfortably accommodate 140 guests.

Utility Building

The Utility Building is a petite workplace and a farmer's dream for preparing and cleaning the products of his labor. We store our fresh produce here in coolers inside the building with a neat device called a CoolBot. The covered wrap-around porch allows refuge from unfavorable weather and provides a relaxing locale to look upon the garden and the neighboring llamas.

Other Amenities

Wedding packages include use of our two private cabins for pre-event preparations. A chef's kitchen is located in the same building as the Gathering Hall with ample room for preparations and plating along with refrigerator, freezer and storage capacity. We provide guests access to our North and South parking lots each accommodating 40 vehicles. Parking lots are out of view of reception and ceremony spaces.

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