Blackwood is a 23 acre private teaching farm an hour outside of Houston, Texas located in Waller County and a short 20 minute drive from the popular rural towns such as Brenham, Chappell Hill, Bellville and Sealy. The farm is home to three different entities that are all apart of the same family: Blackwood Living, Blackwood Educational Land Institute and Long Spoon Catering.

The Art of Outreach

Not only a business; Blackwood is our spiritual center, our educational outreach, a place to gather with friends and family, and a model for recapturing the art of life, the beauty of slow food, and the connections of the past. We teach that when you try to make things faster and more efficient, sometimes you lose the importance of the process and life becomes unbalanced.

Most of the year, the land we call Blackwood is occupied by a 501(c)3 non-profit called Blackwood Educational Land Institute or Blackwood Land for short. Blackwood Land provides week-long land experiences to 9 different secondary schools from Houston and Austin. Schools incorporate their land experience into their academic and experiential curriculum. Students learn farming best practices, why cooking together is so important and that everyone must share responsibilities while living in a small community. The farm offers insider and family farm tours and school field trips. Blackwood Land is growing to expand the farm to include ethical treatment of livestock, expand vegetable and fruit production and grow our farm and education staff to offer young farmers apprenticeships in order to learn how to make farming a viable and thriving career.

In addition to providing students with unforgettable experiences, Blackwood Land hosts a small summer nature camp. Campers are outside most of the day running through the vast wooden areas and engaging in nature activities or traditional crafts. They become a part of a tight camp family.

The Wisdom of Local

We believe in the extreme local. We intentionally put our business where our farm was. We want our chefs and kitchen to be on the other side of the window from the farm and the farmer. Our chef calls it window shopping. The farm is managed by Blackwood Land, the non-profit, and it sells the produce to Long Spoon Catering for events, to the community and to local restaurants.

It’s impossible for us to talk about our business with our outreach and education efforts without our non-profit because they are symbiotic in nature. When Blackwood Land is not hosting an event or experience on site for kids or families, Blackwood Living is able to create experiences that lend themselves more to entertainment, private parties or corporate retreats.

At Blackwood Living, our goal is provide an experience of gathering as a reflection of our customer’s values. We balance an aesthetic of natural and manicured and we don’t like to create fluff without purpose. Blackwood Living offers a venue for private events, corporate retreats, wedding and other intimate celebrations.

What we hope strikes you about Blackwood is that it is natural and elegant while comfortable. We guarantee this is not your average Texas farm and what you find here may be unexpected.