Blackwood Land is about people, health and their food. Blackwood Living is about people and community.

Deciding what is essential in our lives isn’t about packing our belongings and forgetting our beloved but unnecessary frivolities:  instead of determining how little we can live with, its about working out what we simply can’t live without. Blackwood Living is a life based on the essentials and  is less about minimalism and more about celebrating who and what we value most. Food, water and shelter may be the tenets of survival, but our need to connect and to belong to a community is just as significant.


Blackwood is a teaching farm outside of Houston with many uses for celebrating families, friends and communities. The land features multiple organic indoor and outdoor spaces as a blank canvas to create the ideal country gathering.
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Private Event

Transform your family's or company’s traditional end-of-the-year gathering into a fun, memorable and unifying event! Break free from generic holiday parties and year-end celebrations, and choose one of our highly entertaining holiday events or give back to the community in a fun way with a charity event. Either way the holiday season is the perfect time to call on us.
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Corporate Retreat

Blackwood is the perfect country setting for a regenerative team retreat. These retreats are facilitated. We provide a space to meet, meals and a creative and rejuvenative environment.
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