Our Farm

At Blackwood, you can count on us for:

Regenerative and resilient agricultural practices
No synthetic chemicals
Soil and crop diversity
Self-sufficiency through the implementation of a closed-loop system
The ethical and humane treatment of animals
Continually seeking to improve taste and increase the foods’ regional viability
Utilizing low-energy resources as much as possible

Regenerative Agriculture

What is regenerative agriculture?

At the intersection of soil health, agro-ecology development, carbon sequestration, and food cultivation is the practice of regenerative agriculture.

We’re harnessing natural processes and systems to help draw-down carbon from the atmosphere and improve the water holding capacity of the Land using soil microbiology. By integrating our annual vegetable beds with our perennial plant guilds, we are building habitats for beneficial insects which serve as natural pest controls.

As above, so below. The healthier our soils, the healthier our above ecosystems to produce delicious, nourishing produce for our community.

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